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We developed Flamenco Explained to be a resource for all flamenco students and aficionados. We aim to demystify this amazing art form by focusing on the form and the art rather than the culture and the mystery. We don’t believe in dumbing anything down – we just believe that many aspects of flamenco can be explained and understood by anyone who’s willing to put in the time and who has a good guide. We hope to be that guide.

Who is Kai Narezo?

Who is Kai Narezo?

Flamenco Guitarist & Co-Author of Flamenco Explained - The Guitarist's Survival Guide

Kai Narezo has been playing flamenco for about 30 years now. After studying in New York for four years and then Spain for two more, Kai went and got a degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since then he’s been a gigging, recording and teaching guitarist. He’s currently on the faculty of CSU Dominguez HIlls and teaches flamenco in Granada, Spain with CSU Summer Arts. Kai has trained scores of guitarists and has a genuine love for teaching and sharing what he’s had the good fortune to learn over his many years playing flamenco. Check out the videos of Kai playing solo, and with friends, below.  Follow Kai and Flamenco Explained on Spotify. 

Kai has been a working flamenco guitarist for over 25 years and a teacher for more than 20. He started his studies with Dennis Koster in New York in the late 80’s and spent Summers at the Cordoba Guitar Festival studying with Paco Peña. After college he moved to Spain, where he studied with a younger generation of players who brought him up to date. Once he had begun playing professionally he decided to go back to school – the Berklee College of Music – to learn all that pesky note-reading and music theory, so he could be a better-rounded musician. Since then he has been performing, recording and teaching pretty much non-stop.

One of his greatest joys in life is helping guitarists ‘get’ how flamenco works. Some years back he started teaching Scott Wolf (who happened to be dating a flamenco dancer friend of Kai’s, now Scott’s wife). Scott was an accomplished classical guitarist who had studied flamenco in depth as part of his studies and even lived and studied in Spain. Scott convinced Kai that his method of explaining compás and other elements of flamenco was something new – Scott started ‘getting’ aspects of flamenco that had previously eluded him – and that this method needed to be shared. Together they set out to put this method into notation, and the result is Flamenco Explained – the Guitarist’s Survival Guide.     

Tara Narezo

Tara Narezo

CEO & Co-Founder

Tara Narezo (formerly Tara Stewart) came to the guitar through her three years as a Preditor (producer/editor) for the Fender Musical Instruments Corp. in Los Angeles, where she shot and interviewed everyone from Eddie Van Halen to Ryan Adams and Snoop Dogg. But when it came to learning to play herself she went a different route – she wanted to learn flamenco. Through her studies with Kai she learned that she had excellent compás and an ear for flamenco, so she quit her job at Fender and dropped everything to move to Granada, Spain, to study more guitar.

When she returned to Los Angeles the obvious move was to help found Flamenco Explained and spread the gospel of flamenco.  Tara shoots, edits and designed the brand and content for the Flamenco Explained website (which she also designed and created). When she’s not doing those things you can find her ignoring technology in the garden or behind a paint brush.                    

Rocket El Tormenta Gitano

Rocket El Tormenta Gitano

Flamenco Explained Mascot

Rocket is a Siberian Retriever – which is a fancy term for Lab Husky mix. He was born in December, 2015.

He can often be found at the foot of any guitarist chewing his bone or toy (on their foot). He finds it soothing to enjoy a good gnaw while listening to guitar. He does not understand compás, but can be seen trying to learn in several cameos through out the tutorial videos.

When Rocket was adopted by his mother from hipsters, she was delighted to learn he came with an Instagram account which you can follow in the link below.

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Scott Wolf, DMA

Scott Wolf, DMA

Co-Author of Flamenco Explained - The Guitarists Survival Guide

Scott Wolf, DMA, has every degree a classical guitarist can get (That DMA means Doctor of Musical Arts), along with a ton of awards and honors. He studied with Scott Tennant at USC where he also specialized in Musicology, Flamenco Performance (with Adam del Monte), and Music Recording. He conducted a portion of his studies and research in Spain, where he further dove into flamenco. He’s paid his dues, and he now he is a full-time faculty member in the music department at Oxnard College. He also happens to be married to a flamenco dancer.

As a bona fide classical guitar pro, not to mention an avid arranger of chamber and solo guitar music, Scott is the perfect bridge between the two guitar communities – classical and flamenco. Scott helped Kai translate his teaching method into book form and came up with some great new ways to layout and notate these concepts, without which Flamenco Explained, the book, would not exist. Scott has also been invited to teach his Flamenco for Classical Guitarists lecture for the Guitar Foundation of America and many other festivals.

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