An Aficionado is someone who loves flamenco and knows a lot about it. Once you start to ‘get’ how flamenco works, we consider you an Aficionado! At this point you’re ready for some intermediate flamenco guitar lessons or even some advanced flamenco techniques and material, and we’re here to guide you. The most common question at this point is “what do I learn now?” The truth is that this depends very much on your own goals.
There is no generally accepted order in which one is supposed to learn all of the Palos in flamenco, so I usually recommend to go with whatever inspires you the most. If you’re someone who really sticks with things then you might choose a Palo and learn everything you can about that Palo by completing one of our Series. If you crave variety you may choose to learn the basic Compás and one or two falsetas for a few different Palos. And along the way you’ll want to work on your technique as issues arise or you feel the need to improve.
There are a couple of ways you can use this site to get what you need – you can use our Browse feature to find courses on everything from various Palos to accompaniment, and you can use our Search feature to find specific material, Palos, techniques and tips.


In our Browse feature you’ll see all of the lessons you’ve been working on, and you’ll also see all of our Series.


Search – You can also use the search function to look for, say, Alzapua to see everything we have on the site that features Alzapua. You can also search Cante to see all of our Cante accompaniment videos, or any Palo to see everything we have for that.
You can find the same material using either method, so if you know exactly what you need you can use Browse or Search, but if you need some inspiration we recommend Browse to see larger categories of Palos and other topics that might interest you.

What Level Am I?

Assessing the level of difficulty of material in flamenco is not always straightforward. Material can be technically simple but rhythmically complex, or vice-versa.
If you’re just not sure where to go next with your studies you can always email us at and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you!

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