Did you know you can stream Flamenco Explained videos on the TV with Roku? If you’re a Flamenco Explained subscriber and a Roku device user, you could be enjoying learning on your home theater or television! Read more on how I finally realized this (she laughs at and shakes her head at herself) this morning!

It all started a few months back

Three or so months ago a subscriber wrote to us on the forums and asked “Is it possible to put a looping function on your videos? It would sure make it easier to learn some of the rhythmic patterns.” Such a great request! Especially for a tutorial learning setting, it really does make a lot of sense to have this. Additionally we’re used to being able to at least “back it up a few” on our other streaming services.

Here’s the hold-up on our end

We are sometimes at the mercy of the developers of our APP and video hosting service we use. If you didn’t know already, we use Vimeo OTT (formerly VHX) for the APP and the video hosting, which we absolutely LOVE. That’s all caps, LOVE. I am not necessarily trained as a web-developer, but I am a super nerd. I love to figure things out. Creating a subscription channel and APP was not really something I thought I could do and have it be wonderful, easily. Or ever. haha! So we did a lot of research before launching Flamenco Explained, and we decided Vimeo OTT would really be the best for us and for all of you. The website is built by me, but intertwined with the functionality of Vimeo OTT. Which is why sometimes I can fix or update stuff immediately and sometimes I can’t.

I am also learning how to play flamenco guitar.

This is how I met Kai. And I too, would love this feature. So I wrote to the developers and put in a request! However, when I reached out to the developers about creating a loop function for the videos their response was “I’ve seen this feature on other education platforms as well. Some offer a “Quick Rewind” button to go back 10-30 seconds. Others offer to repeat the entire video over again. I’ll send this to our product team and have them add this to our list of requested features.”

Okay, but I want to have this now!! 

In the meantime I did a quick fix and invented (thanks to the forums’ request) a loop playlist. For each video we shoot (falsetas, palos, compás), I now edit an additional video where we take the slower version of the content and loop it ten times. I did this because I wanted this for me as a learning guitarist who also uses this site. It works okay, but I’m slow. Or… my fingers are slow. Like little tiny kindergartners slow. No offense to kindergartners. I still would like to be able to “back it up a little” without having to move much or have a lot of interference by things like a mouse and keyboard or scrolling with my finger. I want to just use a remote or something and hit a button quickly!

Today, like a beacon of light from the Universe above, it hit me.

Sometimes, and I don’t know why, something will just occur to me. Usually it’s when I’m sleepy and either just waking up or perhaps napping. This morning I was contemplating Roku APPs. If YouTube has a Roku APP, I wonder if Vimeo does. And if Vimeo does, can it connect to our Vimeo OTT service (which is a bit different than regular Vimeo). So I did some online sleuthing and holy shit! I found VimeoVHX has an APP for Roku!!! How did I not know this?

Does anyone out there have or use Roku for their television enjoyment? I received Roku Express as a gift a couple of years ago and it’s just delightful. I’ve been a proud cable cutter since 2004, and no, I am not a Millennial. No offense to Millennials. Roku is the greatest thing ever. It’s a lot like your smart phone, just download an APP for whatever station you want to watch, and BAM there’s a whole world you can open up. Are they still called stations? Buying a Roku is not expensive in the least. Mine was $35. And side opinion: My TV is semi-smart. I think there are smarter ones. I much prefer Roku.

I can’t believe I am just now figuring this out ??

If you’re a Flamenco Explained subscriber and a Roku device user, by downloading the VHX Roku Channel you can stream Flamenco Explained. And guess what… YOU CAN REWIND 10 SECONDS AT A TIME! It’s not a looping feature but it is the next best thing! What was that note you just played, Kai? Oh snap! I can just rewind it really easily beep-boop-bop.

Do these steps to set it up:

1 – In your Roku home screen, search then Download the VHX by Vimeo (search term: VHX).

2 – Activate the device (it shows you how on the screen). You will be asked to login to your Flamenco Explained subscription which then connects the APP to your personal subscription for watching on your television.

3 – Enjoy Flamenco Explained on your television with your home theater surround sound wonderfully lacking uncomfortable computer chairs.

The downside to this is you can’t access your lists you’ve saved and created like you can via the desktop computer or the APP, but the silver lining is all those other things I just mentioned. And also rewinding!! And Kai looks really good on my 43″ television. Here are some visual aid references for those of you who like pictures (like me).