Top 20 Flamenco Music and Dance Youtube Channels

— We recently got an email informing us that we were on a Top 20 Flamenco Music and Dance Youtube Channels list on a site called Feedspot, so of course we checked it out to see what it was all about (and were honoroed to be included!). The first thing we noticed was a bunch of friends also on the list, like Rina Orellana’s Online Flamenco Studio, a fantastic dance resource, Arleen Hurtado‘s site, the Fundacion Cristina Heeren in Sevilla, Casa Patas in Madrid and a bunch of other great YouTube channels. And then there were some sites that were new to us, and some of them look like they have some great content.

All this to say that there are tons of great resources out there –

Definitely way more than when I was coming up! We can’t vouch for all of the sites on this list, but the ones we know are good ones, so I imagine that if you’re inspired to sift through these you’ll find some really good and inspiring material and lessons. And never be afraid to hear someone else’s take on how to play better, or what to play, or just to hear more points of view about what flamenco is and how it works!

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