Welcome to the Day Long Workshop

What to Expect 

The Day Long WorkshopOur one-day workshops are designed reinforce the fundamentals of compás and technique. Rather than focus on lots of new material, we focus on reinforcing what you know and giving you the confidence to really play.

What We Will Cover

It’s easy to go out and find new material, and that’s what most flamenco workshops do. Our approach is different. We focus on really understanding and feeling the things that make flamenco the amazing art form that it is – compás and technique. Think of our workshops as a one-day bootcamp, where you’ll be challenged and pushed. You’ll come out with better compás and better technique, but more importantly you’ll come out with a better sense of how to continue learning and improving.

What Level

Ideally everyone attending will have finished the Flamenco Explained Beginner Course or have a pretty solid grasp of Soleá. It would be helpful to have some familiarity with other Palos as well, but not strictly necessary. We likely won’t be doing anything super virtuosic as far as technique goes, but you should have a decent sense of compás and feel pretty comfortable with your rasgueados and other basic techniques.

We’ll mostly be looking at fundamentals – the sort of stuff that in theory doesn’t seem so advanced, but that in my experience students struggle with the most. The goal is for you to come out feeling much more confident about your playing, whatever your current level may be.

If you’re unsure whether or not you’re ready to get the most out of a workshop like this, just send us an email and we’ll talk it through. I’ll probably ask you for a video to see where you’re at, and we can discuss if you’re ready and even what to be working between now and the time of the workshop.

Upcoming Day Long Workshops