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Flamenco Explained - The Guitarist's Survival Guide


Flamenco Explained has everything you need to learn flamenco guitar, whether you’ve never picked up a guitar or you’re a working guitarist. Our online flamenco guitar lessons cover everything from teaching you the basics, to building your flamenco technique and your understanding of the art form. For beginners or anyone looking for a strong foundation we strongly recommend our new Learn Flamenco Guitar: The Ultimate Guide course. If you’re already well on your flamenco journey, then check out our Aficionados page to see all of the great videos we have on everything from new Palos, falsetas, solos, technique, accompaniment and more.


Flamenco Guitar for Beginners

If you haven’t experienced flamenco yet start here to learn flamenco guitar.

Flamenco Guitar for Aficionados

You’re ready for some intermediate flamenco guitar lessons or even some advanced flamenco techniques and material.

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  • Techniques – Individual lessons on each important flamenco technique
  • Pro Tips, falsetas and Survival Guides – For the serious student or pro player who needs more
  • Palo Tutorials – full explanations of the various Palos (flamenco styles)
  • Real Flamenco – lessons that help you ‘get’ all the stuff most teachers don’t teach
  • Accompaniment – What to do when playing for singers and dancers
  • Free videos – If you’re not ready to commit we still have all sorts of important and fun lessons
Who is Kai Narezo?

Who is Kai Narezo?

Flamenco Guitarist & Co-Author of Flamenco Explained - The Guitarist's Survival Guide

Kai Narezo has been playing flamenco for about 30 years now. After studying in New York for four years and then Spain for two more, Kai went and got a degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since then he’s been a gigging, recording and teaching guitarist. He’s currently on the faculty of CSU Dominguez HIlls and teaches flamenco in Granada, Spain with CSU Summer Arts. Kai has trained scores of guitarists and has a genuine love for teaching and sharing what he’s had the good fortune to learn over his many years playing flamenco. 

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