Above all, the book and the video tutorials are not mutually exclusive. We recommend you start with the book and the (free) book videos as it is the foundation of Kai’s method and what inspired this entire website. With a yearly subscription, we throw in the book for free.

What is your flamenco path?

First of all, there are a couple of questions that will help you figure out how to get the most out of this site on your flamenco journey: What’s the level of your guitar playing; how much do you know about flamenco; and how much do you want to know about flamenco?

For those already studying flamenco and who just want to get better, the site can be used as a reference, as it has tons of useful videos of topics that might come up, be they about technique, compás, or just putting it all together and understanding how flamenco works. Therefore, if this is you, then we recommend you browse the videos in search of topics that seem useful and see where these lessons take you. If you can’t find information on a specific topic just askthat’s what we’re here for!

Start your flamenco path!

Finally, after these lessons you’ll have enough information to determine whether and how you want to continue with flamenco. In our experience most students either become mildly obsessed with flamenco pretty quickly or realize, just as quickly, that this isn’t quite for them.

New to Flamenco

If you haven’t experienced flamenco yet, you’ll need a basic understanding of how it all works. Start here to get your feet wet.

New Guitarist

Start with our intro to Soleá, which is a traditional entry for all new flamenco guitarists. Ease into the techniques of flamenco guitar with this playlist.

Experienced Guitarist

Need a flamenco challenge? Try some of our advanced tutorials and concert pieces to build repertoire while you work on compás and technique.

All Palmas

It’s always a great idea to make sure you have a good handle on Palmas, the rhythmic underpinning of flamenco.

Am I in Compás?

It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t in compás. If your main challenge is understanding how time or compás works in flamenco, then this is your playlist.

Flamenco Essentials

No matter what your level of guitar or flamenco playing it’s always a great idea to make sure you have a good handle on the essentials. 

Classical Guitarist

Need some power in your right hand? Dive in to flamenco techniques and see what it does for your Spanish Rep and beyond!

Electric (Pick) Player

Impress your rocker friends with your new rasgueados, scales and alzapua. We’ve got technique lessons and great pieces to get your right hand flamenco ready.

Survival Guide!

Get straight to the important stuff to survive the gig with this playlist. You never know what those dancers are going to throw at you last minute.

Need Technique?

All that fast, fancy stuff is about being as efficient as possible. Check out this playlist to address specific techniques to get cleaner and faster.

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