Currently for iOS users, Flamenco Explained has an APP which makes watching our videos very convenient. Bookmark any video to you list, sync to watch offline, all from your device. Even if you are not a Flamenco Explained subscriber, we have plenty of free content that is available for viewing.


We offer TABS for most of the full pieces and falsetas, but not for the lessons that are more about compás. (Learn why here on this blog postWe’re always creating new content and uploading to this TABS playlist so keep checking back! And let us know if there’s a specific falseta or full piece you may be interested in learning.

Free Videos

This is our best resource and we’re always adding to it. These free videos include many of the glossary terms turned into quick video snippets. There are also several other longer videos important to your flamenco learning journey. Whether you are a beginner or expanding your flamenco education, check out these free videos.

The Book

“Flamenco Explained – The Guitarist’s Survival Guide” is the book by Kai Narezo and Scott Wolf, DMA which teaches the fundamentals of flamenco guitar playing including both solo playing and accompaniment with dancers and singers. Read more about “why this book” here.

The Glossary

A list of generally agreed  upon terms that will appear frequently in your flamenco education journey. Taken directly from the method book “Flamenco Explained – The Guitarist’s Survival Guide”


The heart of the Flamenco Explained community lives inside the blog. Not only are the creators of this website writing about their personal experiences, but are reaching out to others in the community and bringing you their stories here. Check out the blog for frequent and personal stories about the journeys of fellow flamencos, from beginner to seasoned, guitarists singers and dancers alike, to see that we are all lifetime students of flamenco.

What is The Perfect Guitar For You

The Perfect Guitar - On Buying a Luthier-Made Guitar There are four main things to think about and consider when looking to buy that perfect guitar. Despite what I consider a pretty good position from which to declare what makes a good guitar, I want to say right up...

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The Myths of Learning Flamenco Guitar

The Myths of Learning Flamenco Guitar Can ‘just anyone’ learn flamenco guitar? One of the questions we’re asked all the time is whether or not someone not born into it can really learn flamenco. My answer, of course, is a very enthusiastic, YES! I have some really...

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Inside the store you will find Kai Narezo’s CD’s, Scott Wolf’s CD’s, the Flamenco Explained book and more fun Flamenco Explained paraphernalia coming soon.

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