I've just started to get into the videos, and so far, I think that the content is great. Kai seems very knowledgable, and he does a good job of explaining things so you can understand them. I'm very impressed with the quality of the app. The app is polished, and professionally done. It almost feels like I'm using an app designed for a big company like YouTube. The only things I think it could benefit from, are maybe a little more structure in how the videos are presented. In the "explore" section, it feels like the videos are listed in a more or less random order. A more progressive approach to listing the videos might be nice. Also a tab/standard music notation to follow along with the videos would be great too. Lastly, I'm tempted to buy Kai's book "Flamenco Explained" but I couldn't really find any samples, or any detailed explanation of what is actually in the book. Overall, I think the app and the teacher/teaching is a great experience. The 7 day trial is generous, and gives you plenty of time to get a feel for everything. And if you're serious about learning Flamenco I think the subscription is affordable, and well worth the money.