Flamenco Explained has been a great discovery. I have been interested in Spanish guitar for a long time, but never really made progress learning how to play. Flamenco Explained has great lessons, and Kai Narezo is a teacher that demonstrates, inspires, and explains guitar technique as it applies to Flamenco guitar in an effective and accessible way. As a relative beginner I am finding material that is helpful and challenging, but shows me a hopeful path forward on my guitar and musical journey.

This app and site has inspired me to learn about the history and art form of Flamenco as a whole. There are many cool techniques you can learn here, but there is a whole world of art, culture, and history to go with that. I am glad to find all of those things at Flamenco Explained!

If you are interested in learning Flamenco techniques for the guitar, or traditional and contemporary Flamenco guitar music, the lessons, tabs, videos and blog articles will be a gold mine!

Definitely a great value, well worth the subscription, and much valuable free content also. Really glad I found it!