Every so often I’ll go back and rewatch this video and every time it makes my eyes kind of drippy. As someone who quit their pretty great career and moved to Spain to study flamenco guitar, this video is something I can relate to.

Flamenco is a serious bug. It can be the flu for how much it ends up controlling you. You think you’ve got all the power in your life, and then you discover this art form, and BAM, like that… you find yourself with nothing but you and your guitar in Spain. A lot of you reading probably know what I’m talking about. Even for the other participants in the art form, the dancers and singers – it’s the same for all of us who become addicted. I believe that is a separate post.

So this video called Soleá – the part where my tears come in is right at 3:26, where she explains how there are so many beautiful things in flamenco. And that is why you will never finish learning.

And that is why we become obsessed. And even when we’re obsessed we fall, and lose the luster. I do. This video is really helpful to inspire and remember why we do this. Why we keep picking ourselves up.

My personal motto for flamenco is: “It wouldn’t be flamenco if it wasn’t painful every step of the way.”