If you’re an experienced flamenco player or you’ve finished the Beginner Course: Learn Flamenco Guitar – The Ultimate Guide and now you get how flamenco works, there’s a good chance that you know what you’re looking for, whether it’s more falsetas, technique lessons, compás variations, accompaniment tips, a new Palo or something else. To make your search easier, here’s a rundown of the various ways you can find material on our site as quickly and specifically as possible.

Our Courses

You can find all of our Courses with this link or by clicking on the Courses tabs at the top of our homepage. We have comprehensive courses on various Palos, including Soleá (our Beginner Course), Tangos, Tientos, Bulerias (three levels), Soleá Por Bulerias, Seguirillas, Sevillanas, Tarantas, Tarantos and Farruca. We also have Alegrías Explained, which analyzes an entire danced Alegrías, as well as Cante accompaniment courses, and our Technique Bootcamp Series.


There are a few ways to access our massive library of falsetas: You can browse falseta by Palo, you can browse falsetas by Technique, you can look within the Palo courses to find falsetas, or you could even browse or search our TABs page to find what you’re looking for. By using our search filters (see below), you can also select for level of difficulty.


If you’re looking to improve your Compás you can start by looking inside of our Palo Courses, all of which include comprehensive instruction on the compás of the given Palo. You can also browse our Compás tutorials by Palo.


You can find all of our accompaniment courses and tutorials here in our Accompaniment category.


For technique tutorials check out our Technique category, which includes our Technique Bootcamp series, and all of our individual technique tutorials. You can also find falsetas that predominantly feature a given technique here in our Falsetas by Technique category.


If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for and need a little inspiration, you can always just click on browse at the top of our homepage. At the top of the Browse page you’ll see ‘Continue Watching,’ so you can pick up on any lessons you’ve started, and you’ll see ‘My List’ which is where you’ll find any lessons you’ve added to ‘My List’ by clicking on the upper right-hand corner of any video. And as you scroll down you’ll see all sorts of categories for courses, falsetas and more organized in ways that will hopefully help you find what you’re looking for or get inspired.

Search filters

Search filters are our newest feature, and they’re another way you can find material on the site. The way to use search filters is to click on the parameters you want  – each of the three main parameters has a dropdown menu where you can get specific as to Palo, Technique and Playing level – and go ahead with your search. In other words, if you select the Soleá, Beginner and Alzapua filters and search for “falseta,” you’ll only see Beginner falsetas for Soleá and feature mostly Alzapua. You can read more about the filters and parameters here.