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Flamenco Explained is here to – wait for it – explain flamenco! Whether you’re just curious about what flamenco is or need detailed help about a really specific topic, we’re here to break it down and get you through the gig. Flamenco is not easy (understatement), but it’s not as mysterious as you might think, either. At the end of the day flamenco is music, and like any style it has some specific stuff you need to know and stuff you’ll just understand if you listen enough. And if you listen with a bit of guidance you’ll pick it up even faster. That’s why we’re here. Learn through video tutorials taught by Los Angeles’ maestro Kai Narezo. Meet other guitarists, singers and dancers (students and professionals) inside the flamenco community via the blog.

Explore other resources such as the method book, The APP and other fun links throughout this website. Check out the About Us page and learn who’s behind all this Famenco Explained business.


Wondering where to go and how to use this website? Well that depends on what your goals are. We have made several paths, in the form of video playlists, to help you depending on where you are on your flamenco journey. Check out some paths below for quick access or dive in deep on this page  and learn more about how to use this website.

New to Flamenco

Learn the structure of compás.

Am I in Compás?

Compás is what defines flamenco.

Classical Guitarist

Covers most of the essential technique.

New Guitarist

Basic guitar skills and concepts of flamenco.


In-depth technique tutorials.

Electric (Pick) Player

Various right-hand techniques.

Who is Kai Narezo?

Who is Kai Narezo?

Flamenco Guitarist & Co-Author of Flamenco Explained - The Guitarist's Survival Guide

Kai Narezo has been playing flamenco for about 30 years now. After studying in New York for four years and then Spain for two more, Kai went and got a degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since then he’s been a gigging, recording and teaching guitarist. He’s currently on the faculty of CSU Dominguez HIlls and teaches flamenco in Granada, Spain with CSU Summer Arts. Kai has trained scores of guitarists and has a genuine love for teaching and sharing what he’s had the good fortune to learn over his many years playing flamenco. Check out the videos of Kai playing solo, and with friends, below.  Follow Kai and Flamenco Explained on Spotify. 


Videos are the heart of Flamenco Explained. Our goal is to make this site a resource to answer the questions that guitarists most commonly ask as they learn to play solo flamenco guitar or to accompany dancers and singers. Check out the videos to the right as some examples of what you can expect from a Flamenco Explained subscription. We release a lot of free content on the subscription channel and our YouTube page. With your paid subscription you get full-blown step-by-step tutorials, taught by Kai Narezo, that break down material and help explain how the art form works. Kai won’t make you a gypsy or turn you into Paco de Lucia, but he’s devoted to helping guitarists understand the language of flamenco and how it all comes together. 

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There is no membership required to watch our free videos (and we have a lot)! When you’re ready to dig in and really get going with Kai, sign up for a membership. It’s $19.99 a month after a 30-day free trial or $199 for a year (that’s two months free)!   If you don’t see what you’re looking for just ask and we’ll probably make a video for you! We’re also always updating and adding content.



Campanilleros, a traditional holiday falseta!In the spirit of the holidays we thought it would be fun to feature a traditional holiday falseta. The first thing that came to mind was the Campanilleros, which is pretty much only sung around the holidays....

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Flamenco Explained Compás Loops

Are you frustrated with trying to hear the compás? Do you want to hear it and try to practice along while you play guitar? Flamenco Explained Compás Loops are here! We're starting off with the release of the 12s and will let out the 4s and then the...

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Here on Flamenco Explained, we're diving into the palo Rumba and its right-hand patterns. But what is Rumba? Rumba is a flamenco-adjacent state of mind, but also a part of flamenco. It's the pop music of the Spanish Gypsies. It's 4/4 time. It's very common for 'legit'...

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