With Flamenco Explained YOU WILL:

  • Understand how flamenco works and learn to play flamenco guitar.
  • Learn all of the techniques you need with our online flamenco guitar lessons.
  • Have a plan to learn what you need – whether you play flamenco guitar for fun, want to go pro, or are a working guitarist who just needs some help.
learn to play flamenco guitar with Flamenco Explained


  • Watch this video before you do anything else.
  • Now if you’re ready to dive in to flamenco, then start here to learn more about flamenco compás and techniques (the rhythms and tools you need to understand flamenco).
  • Start here if you want to get straight to flamenco techniques.
  • And if you just want to get straight to falsetas and solo pieces then visit this videos page. 

Flamenco Compás

No matter what and above all, we really recommend you watch this Intro to Flamenco Compás video before diving in.

New to Flamenco

If you haven’t experienced flamenco yet, you’ll need a basic understanding of how it all works. Start here.


That fast, fancy stuff is about being as efficient as possible. This playlist covers techniques to get cleaner and faster.

Videos Page

Tons of useful videos and playlists of topics that might come up for understanding how flamenco works.

Gain access to all our videos by becoming a subscriber and learn flamenco guitar today! $19.99 a month, or $199 a year. With your yearly subscription you get a free video check-in (skype, facetime, zoom) with Kai ($100 value) and we will ship you the book ($25 value), anywhere, for free! 


  • Techniques – Individual lessons on each important flamenco technique
  • Pro Tips, falsetas and Survival Guides – For the serious student or pro player who needs more
  • Palo Tutorials – full explanations of the various Palos (flamenco styles)
  • Real Flamenco – lessons that help you ‘get’ all the stuff most teachers don’t or teach
  • Accompaniment – What to do when playing for singers and dancers
  • Free videos – If you’re not ready to commit we still have all sorts of important and fun lessons

Examples of Flamenco Explained tutorials below

What customers have to say…

Flamenco Explained has been a great discovery. I have been interested in Spanish guitar for a long time, but never really made progress learning how to play. Flamenco Explained has great lessons, and Kai Narezo is a teacher that demonstrates,...

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Fantastic instruction!!! Can’t speak highly enough about Kai’s teaching. The name of the app says it all.


I have only been playing Flamenco for a about a year at the time of this review... I absolutely love it! I am fortunate enough to have a great teacher locally to help guide me twice a month. I am also happy to have found Kai and his “Flamenco...

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Flamenco Explained is a fabulous resource for anyone who wants to learn about how to play flamenco guitar, but it’s much more than that. Kai Narezo has gone to great lengths to provide depth and insight into the structures of flamenco compás, the...

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I've just started to get into the videos, and so far, I think that the content is great. Kai seems very knowledgable, and he does a good job of explaining things so you can understand them. I'm very impressed with the quality of the app. The app is...

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Kai is a great teacher. He also is a great flamenco guitarist. Add those two ingredients together and throw in some smart production and voila, you are learning to play flamenco.


Well done! Just wished they had this technology and outstanding presentation format back in the 60's when I got started, I would be light years ahead in my playing as opposed to being stuck in the 60's.


I do wish you'd tackle more about the interaction between the musicians and the dancer by palo. As a dancer, the instruction is great, and I'm definitely learning, bit it can only take me so far. I'm searching everywhere for more about the...

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I think this web is the best piece of flamenco education I’ve ever seen, and I am from Jerez.

Who is Kai Narezo?

Who is Kai Narezo?

Flamenco Guitarist & Co-Author of Flamenco Explained - The Guitarist's Survival Guide

Kai Narezo has been playing flamenco for about 30 years now. After studying in New York for four years and then Spain for two more, Kai went and got a degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since then he’s been a gigging, recording and teaching guitarist. He’s currently on the faculty of CSU Dominguez HIlls and teaches flamenco in Granada, Spain with CSU Summer Arts. Kai has trained scores of guitarists and has a genuine love for teaching and sharing what he’s had the good fortune to learn over his many years playing flamenco. Check out the videos of Kai playing solo, and with friends, below.  Follow Kai and Flamenco Explained on Spotify. 

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There is no membership required to watch our free videos (and we have a lot)! When you’re ready to dig in and really get going with Kai, sign up for a membership. It’s $19.99 a month after a 7-day free trial or $199 for a year (that’s two months free)! If you don’t see what you’re looking for just ask and we’ll probably make a video for you! We’re also always updating and adding content.

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Learning Bulerias Through Cante

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Chords Vs. Voicings Vs. Function

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The Macho

The Macho

The Macho Just when you think you’ve survived accompanying your first (or 357th) Soleá, all of a sudden things can get a little weird at the end. But don’t worry - if it feels like you’re suddenly playing some other Palo altogether, chances are you’ve just encountered...

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