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Flamenco Guitar for Beginners

If you haven’t experienced flamenco yet start here to learn flamenco guitar.

Flamenco Guitar for Aficionados

You’re ready for some intermediate flamenco guitar lessons or even some advanced flamenco techniques and material.


Flamenco Explained has everything you need to learn flamenco guitar, whether you’ve never picked up a guitar or you’re a working guitarist. Our online flamenco guitar lessons cover everything from teaching you the basics, to building your flamenco technique and your understanding of the art form. For beginners or anyone looking for a strong foundation we strongly recommend our Learn Flamenco Guitar: The Ultimate Guide course. If you’re already well on your flamenco journey, then check out our Aficionados page to see all of the great videos we have on everything from new Palos, falsetas, solos, technique, accompaniment and more.


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What other’s say…

Hello! I just wanted to reach out and say I have been playing guitar for almost 20 years and when I became interested in flamenco it felt almost inaccessible. This service has just been a joy to work through to the point where I have the “flamenco brain” which has opened up the door to the entire genre of music, and en entirely new listening experience. Can’t wait to continue to work through the lessons provided.
Thomas Wharton

Hi Kai, I’ve signed up for your lesson subscription last month and I have to thank you for your excellent teaching method. I’ve been self-learning flamenco on and off for years and your lessons have really started to tighten up my compas. I have signed up for many online courses over the years, but this is the best I’ve experienced. Cheers mate.

Highly recommend the Flamenco Explained program. Kai Narezo is a fantastic instructor, he makes it fun AND interesting, and the video production is top-notch. I’ve been making great progress for the past year focusing on Flamenco Explained.
Fred Klinge

Really great information, you have a gift of explaining the mysteries of flamenco so that people like me who have loved the discipline involved in this timeless music can understand its complexities better.  A lot of folks play flamenco and a lot talk flamenco, you do both so well!

Two Owls

December Sale 25% Off for 2 Months

Available for New and Existing monthly subscribers!