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Here you will be able to access all of the Flamenco Explained TABS and notation for flamenco guitar. These include falsetas and full pieces by Kai, but also a lot of great falsetas from Tomatito, Moraito, Enrique de Melchor, Cañizares and other great players, as well as flamenco guitar technique workouts and some exercises that might come in handy. We should point out here that there’s a lot more on the Flamenco Explained site than what you see here – we just don’t believe in providing Notation/TABs for most of the compás-related stuff – but you can get some idea of some of what we cover from the material here. (If you’re not a subscriber we recommend you take us up on our week-long free trial to see everything we have to offer).

The performance videos for all of the material here is also available for free, though in most cases you’ll have to be a subscriber to access the tutorial videos.

Notation/TABs can be a great resource for learning, but they can also be a crutch, or worse, when used out of context. For more of Kai’s thoughts on TABs you can read this blogpost.


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Click on the name to download the .pdf Flamenco Tab/Notation. To the right are links to the video tutorial and video performance for that respective .pdf for your reference. You can sort these columns, and even use the search box to the right. 

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